About Us

about shape up Fitness studio

About Us :

Shape Up, 6 years of fitness expertise and more than 2 decades into fitness industry. We have changed the lives of many. We are happy and proud that we are a part of creating more fitness enthusiastic people in Coimbatore helping them and their families to lead a happy life. Our Moto "Hospital Free Life Style" for our fellow citizens.

Here’s the place that shapes your body, liberates your mind and energizes your spirit, keeping you fit no matter what the world demands of you. No matter where, when or how, you’re always ready!

Shape Up, is a complete health and fitness center created with a singular idea to make you like you, your wellness, like your fitness and love your health. It is one place where you can comfortably achieve the body you want and be the person you want to be. An hour a day for yourself your body and your health and we can make it happen.

The experience that counts. The shape up experience :

Shape up is a unique and dedicated world class fitness club. Here we believe that fitness is not just about physical health, but a way of life. Starting from the latest equipment to cardio vascular training, the finest trainers and a host of other amenities is what make us different and the first of this kind in Coimbatore. In each of our clubs, we strive to offer a clean, friendly and professional atmosphere. Personalized training and individual attention is as important as using the right exercise to tone the right muscle.

What we have What you need and a lot more

Our Trainers:

Our professional trainers will help you achieve your goals through their tips and experienced techniques.


Will help you to schedule your workout without any injuries keeping in mind the proper posture, that forms the basics of any exercise.

Diet Counseling:

Our dietician will help you to outline our diet plan to enhance your health and energize your day to day activities.

Personal Trainers:

It’s important to have someone who cares about your body and health as much as you, motivates you and walks with you on the path to fitness.

Stretch Zone:

Shape Up features a dedicated Stretch Zone where you can jump, Stretch and enhance your muscle coordination. This avoids injuries during your other workouts.

Weight Management:

This plan will help you lose or gain weight to help attain the body that you are striving to get.

Fitness Management:

This program will help you to improve your overall health and incorporate fitness in your daily lifestyle.

Group Class:

Shape Up belives that workout is also fun. We have various group workouts like Zumba, Aerobics, Bootcamp, Stretch, Dances etc.. to enhance your body muscles and improve flexibility.

Change Room:

Separate change room for both women and men with shower is built into the facility.


Members can use our locker facility to keep their valuables temporily.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Dress Code:

Exercise Shorts, T-Shirt, Gym Shoes, Sweats or Aerobics Outfits are allowed in the weights and cardio area. No jeans, jeans shorts or sandals.

Value Your Valuables:

We provide temporary lockers for all our members. Lockers are for workout periods only.

High On Hygiene:

For your own convenience, bring your workout towel to the gym. Re-rack the weights you’ve used when you finish each exercise.


Members are requested to maintain decorum in the gym and to behave friendly with other co-members.